Living for Likes: Is There More to Life?

Living for Likes: Is There More to Life?

One of the most natural human desires is the craving for praise. It's a feeling that resonates deep within us, a longing for acknowledgement and affirmation from those around us. But have you ever paused to think why we yearn for this validation? And more importantly, how does this fit in with what the Bible teaches us?

At the heart of our desire for praise lies our innate need for connection and a sense of worth. We are social beings, created for community, and praise often feels like a warm embrace, a sign that we are valued and appreciated. This longing isn't inherently wrong; after all, everyone needs encouragement to grow and thrive.

However, the Bible offers us a profound perspective on this. In Matthew 6:1, Jesus warns against doing good deeds for the sake of being seen. The crux of His message? Our actions should stem from a place of genuine love and service, not for the pursuit of applause. This teaches us an important lesson about humility and the true essence of our deeds.

So, how do we balance our natural craving for praise with the biblical call to humility? The key lies in understanding where our true worth comes from. According to the scriptures, our value doesn't hinge on the approval of others but on God's love for us. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. This means our worth is intrinsic, woven into our very being by God Himself.

Let's shift our focus then. Instead of seeking validation from the world, let's find our joy in the quiet satisfaction of doing good for its own sake. Let's strive to please God, to live a life that reflects His love and grace. This doesn't mean we should shun all praise, but rather, we should not depend on it for our self-worth.

In embracing this mindset, we find freedom. Freedom from the exhausting pursuit of approval, freedom to be our authentic selves, and freedom to love and serve without strings attached. So, let's walk this path with a heart full of gratitude, knowing that in God's eyes, we are already precious, already worthy. And in that knowledge, may we find the deepest, most fulfilling kind of validation there is.

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